Thursday, February 15, 2018

Some days you open the mail and remember why you love working at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market... And you also are reminded how God speaks and answers things in unexpected ways! So another 2 birds 1 stone #lentchallenge (remember) post and some amazing books. Reviews for all will follow but I can say I'm half way through 'Interrupting Silence' by Walter Brueggemann which as always is deep but readable and has great sized print... And though short has good reflection questions at the end of each chapter that really make you stop and think! Next though I'm going to have to read 'Vindicating the Vixens' edited by Sandra GLAFN because when I flicked it open the chapter on Bathsheba that it opened on just sucked me in... Deep, complex, authoritative, engaging, challenging, meaningful are just some of the words that cover this.. And if the other chapters are so well written and blend together scholarly biblical insight with modern themes then it's going to be a joy to read indeed. 'Drawing Closer to God' by Joseph Malham is going to be lenten exercise for me - although designed to be an 8 day personal retreat I've looked and can easily make it into a 6 week exercise that will take me into Easter and gift me with a completed Christ Pantocrator Icon to read and study... If Icons are something you have an interest in then this Icon Retreat and active guide to writing one is truly a must. Finally I am really looking forward to engrossing myself in Diarmuid O'Murchuvs new book - 'Incarnation: A new evolutionary threshold'. I have no doubt it will be a real joy to read, and challenge me in all the right ways to look at both incarnation and creation in new ways. So there we go and #remember that all these books (and many more) are available from local Independent bookshops like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, and that we rely on your direct purchases from us to stay active and in your towns and cities... So. Please think independent before Internet if you can when making your purchase choice. #book #books #bookshop #indiebookshop #christianbookshop #reviews

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