Friday, September 10, 2010

Steampunk, Fiction and Modding Space Guns!

I'm having great fun this week here in the Unicorn Tree!

Not only have we/I been making lovely cards, doing altered art jewellery and modding goggles since our 'In The Style of... Steampunk, Victoriana & Grunge Collage' days, but yesterday I decided in honour of 'The Asylum Steampunk Weekend Convivial' that's on up at The Lawns this weekend (of which we from here will be attending in Costume as we stand a bookstall for Quirk Publishing!) that goggles weren't enough and I needed to make a space gun or two using some of the altered art principles I've been playing with!

Cue looking at anything with goggles of wonder instead of eyes! Everything is potentially something else with altered art, yes even old coke bottles and plastic book & plate stands!
Of course this was also a fantastic idea for a short story or writing cue exercise too!

So that's what we've done, come in and see the amazing stylistic future guns of 2130 & 2149, used respectively by the Airship Corps and Pirate/Bucaneer Fraternities.
Read the short overview wackipedia style histories of 'Munitions & The Cola Corps' - and overall just let your imagination go and dare to be a little bit silly, it's an amazingly freeing experience, thats why as we all know I do it all the while whilst the minions look on in amazement (horror?Pity?fear?).

So see you in the shop soon, and remember mines the caramel latte and you can bring whatever you like to drink too!