Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two very different but very good books recieved in at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market. I can honestly say I am devouring the 400+ pages of Michael Moynaugh's 'Church in Life' from @SCM_Press . It is refreshing, insightful, and affirming for all those who are building or working and worshipping in new ecclesial communities. It covers so much and talks to the heart of the subject of doing church, being church differently. I've been blown away by the chapter on 'Dissatisfaction: the vocational voyage' and entranced by the chapter 'Are they Church', and encouraged by the chapter 'Re-imaging the local church' to name just a few sections. This book is a brilliant and important contribution to understanding the new emerging church journey and place. A must read for so many people and churches I think. Looking forward to reading 'a church for the poor' next because these subjects really are key in this day and age and time. Both books are available from Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market and please do support your local community or high street independent bookshop... We need you to so very much. #religion #reading #theology #vocation #ministry #bookshop #book #books #christianbookshop #christianbooks #spirituality #faith #review #lincoln #indiebookshop #buylocal #reading

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