Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In the Style of ... Steampunk & Victoriana Grunge Collage Craft Day

If you weren't in town on Saturday you missed out on a treat as we were having a great day doing Craft Demo's and sharing idea's on the idea of being In The Style of Steampunk & Victoriana Grunge Collage!
It was great fun and you can see some of the cool fun stuff in the picture - the modded goggles are still in the shop, and they were great fun to do!
In fact so much fun I'm making another pair soon - Have just ordered the base goggles and hope they will be here very soon.
There are still some very cool packs of clockwork pieces in stock too - though minions keep depleting the stocks, naughty minions!
Anyway it was so much fun that I'm thinking we might have a bit of a go again this Saturday, not as organised as last time, a bit more free flow with a come and play vibe perhaps - we'll see how it goes!
The one thing I do know is that this craft demo and inspiration day was great fun and I think we'll perhaps think of having an 'In The Style Of...' Saturday perhaps once a month - especially once we move the shop around again to give the White Table more prominence at some point this september!
So anyway here's a pic and remember to swing by and see the goggles on display or even come in on Saturday and see if we're up to anything and what idea's you can pick up or add in to the mix!
Oh and feel free to bring a coffee by - as you all know by now I'm sure, mines a Caramel Latte!
In the style of steampunk victoriana grunge collage craft day... on Twitpic