Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to All of You

I'm taking this time to wish you all, customers, minion types, friends, suppliers, blog readers etc. etc. etc. a very fond and real wish for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
The old year is nearly over now - it has not been without it's troubles, worries and pains, however more important to remember is that it has not been without its joys, its laughs and its gains, and these surely must count for more in the end balance sheet.
The New Year is just on the horizon with its stories still to tell and reveal, there will of course be some sad and hard times but my prayer and hope for all of us is that these will in the end be more than balanced by the times of Joy, laughter and growth we will experience in the coming days and months ahead.
I shall look forward to seeing you and relating to you all in the coming year and hope that you will come in and bring others, bring friends and that together we can make 2011 a year of true sharing, a year of community and a year of growth for us all.
Have a good New Year celebration and I'll see you Next Year - I'll of course be the one with the Caramel Latte in hand! See you in the shop soon!