Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ohh just a quick note from the Unicorn Tree Bookshop Boss to share some amazing books I am currently reading! First off the new Book from Richard Rohr 'The Universal Christ'.. It is, as expected, an entrancing deep and easy to read book that really asks you to look again at Jesus The Christ... Next up a classic, Esther De Waals, 'Celtic Way of Prayer' is just such a beautiful resource book on both prayer and cletic prayer. A rich delight with so much in it. And finally 'Liturgical Worship' by Mark Earey... May bit look or sound like something life changing, engaging and essential to read but oh my how it is! This is one not just for churches ministers or those training to be Ordinands but one for those that lead Forest Church's or just want to know more about what liturgical worship is (and isn't!), and how it has formed and grown. This book is amazing and I really do recommend it to anyone interested in or leading worship. OK that's it, as always these and many other good books like them can be found in your real bricks and mortar high Street independent Bookshops like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, and we would really implore you to buy in the shop and not online as we really do want to stay in your towns and cities and share the book love with you! https://ift.tt/1TEBPlr #books #book #indiebookshop #generalbooks #christianbooks #review #christianbookshop #theology #spirituality #scienceandfaith #biblestudies #theologicalschool #worship #liturgy #ChurchillShow #christian #reading #CHP #spck #canterburypress

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