Friday, October 15, 2010

Minions leave to start own Businesses!

Sorry there's not been much blogging for a few weeks but this bookshop boss is feeling a little hardworked and a tad lost as all the minions have gone! and no it wasn't because i'm an evil world domination planning furniture moving Brain, it's because both my minions have grown up under my loving tutelage (stop sniggering you there off screen at and gone off to be their own bosses and torture, erm I of course mean recruit! their own legion of minions who in time will desert them and leave them to do all the furniture re-arranging!

Now as we all know the Eunice Minion left to be the boss of '2 by 2 Pets' here in Lincoln Central Market when my own popz retired from it ( then it was known as Al's Pets) and she purchased it, it's nice to see her with her own part time minions & conscripts now.

But in September the Allison Minion also left, she graduated from her 4 years of study to be a top notch counsellor and left to start her own practice, which she officially opened the doors of on 4th October! You can find out all about it by visiting her website: and we are pretty certain she will do famously and we hope if any of you ever need a counsellor you'd look her up.

So there we go, that's the story of my missing minions, still to come though is the story of my big, all alone (but with the brilliant help of Materialise It Mark for carpentry skills) shop redesign and re-arrange! There's even going to be pictures for that one!

Ok got to go play with the new coffee machine and make my own caramel latte now (no minions to go fetch so had to buy a machine to enable adequate boss functioning!) however feel free to bring me one when you come in and chat - see you soon!