Saturday, March 23, 2013

Palm Sunday Edition ... nearly and some reviews!

In case you didn't know it this Sunday is Palm Sunday - so just one week to go until Easter! (Of course judging by the weather we wouldn't blame you for thinking it might be Christmas that was coming instead!)
So anyway just to let you know that we do still have a few Palm Crosses left, Paschal Candles there are too, but not many, and sadly all the Fairtrade Real Easter Eggs are all gone - but the plastic Gospel Eggs are still in stock and really good fun! and if you really do want chocolate then the TraidCraft Fairtrade Brownies are really quite delicious - I personally taste tested them just for you all, Stem Ginger Cookies might have to be checked for quality control purposes next!
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Right that said now for the reviews! just a short few this week! sorry but enjoy all the same :D

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Title – As A Fire By Burning – Mission As The Life Of The Local Congregation
Author – Roger Standing
Format – Paperback
Price – £25
Publisher – SCM Press
Date of Publication – February 2013
ISBN – 978-0-334-04370-6
Reviewer – Melanie Carroll

A very good comprehensive but easy to read book that collects together contributions form a diverse range of people and churches across a number of differing fields and church styles that highlight the many different mission experiences and ideas in and around local congregation settings and experience. It also has good general conversation and consideration within it of what mission is, how it can be practiced, how it has been practiced and why it should be practiced. There are times when the jargon is a strong presence, but nevertheless this is still appropriately used and fitting for a book that is as much practitioner guide as subject study, and this jargon to be fair is well placed so as to make sense and lead into theological and missiological discussion of some depth. I foound it to be a very well written book, that was surprisingly easy to read given the weight of it's subject matter and very good! Heartily recommend it.

Title – Maiden, Mother & Queen – Mary In The Anglical Tradition
Author – Roger Greenacre (Ed. Colin Podmore)
Format – Paperback
Price – £24.99
Publisher – 978-1-84825-278-3
Date of Publication – January 2013
ISBN – 978-1-84825-278-3
Reviewer – Melanie Carroll

This is an absolutely beautiful consideration of the anglo-catholic veneration of Mary found within quarters of the Church of England. This book also serves in some way as a fitting memorial and remembrance of a well respected proponent of Anglican Marian devotion, Roger Greenacre.
However for me the collection of homilies to be found in section two of the book were a real highlight and joy to read, with real depth of feeling and insight to them, and a strangely british refined passion running as an undercurrent to them – the love, attraction and desire to share the reverence that Roger Greenacre so obviously had for the Blessed Virgin Mary cannot be overlooked in these short homilies collected here. Of course the third section of the book which incorporates an historical investigation and understanding into marian devotion and suppression within the anglican communion is also very well done and surprisingly easy to read due in part to the short sections utilised which means there is not much heavy labouring to be done in reading this book. This really is a wonderful book for anyone within the anglo-catholic tradition looking to further their devotional practice and understanding of the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or indeed for anyone in the anglican church who wants to gain an understanding of the part Mary can and does play within the church and it's faith framework.

Title – The #Pray4 Principle – Why Prayer Is Still Important In A Secular Age
Author – Alexander Lee
Format – Paperback
Price – £8.99
Publisher – DLT
Date of Publication – February 2013
ISBN – 978-0-232-52982-1
Reviewer – Melanie Carroll

A well written quite short book that nevertheless really looks at prayer as we use it and understand it both as Christians and as a secular peoples, using the twitter #pray4muamba campaign as the catalyst for consideration and insight, and with stunning clarity Alexander Lee through this book smashes home some important insights that some may well find painful and really want to discount, but to do so would be to overlook a truth we need to address if we are to really see a return to prayer and Christian faith for our nation and secular times. We must not be so quick as Christians to discount the prayers of others, to reject those not 'Christian' enough to fit our stance, instead we should consider the lessons of Paul, of Acts, and their outreach to the gentiles … we should consider Jesus' teachings on prayer and faith that exhort us not to be hypocrites or babblers … but instead to offer hospitality and comfort, acceptance and love …
The #Pray4 Principle really does hold up faith and prayer as an important and still integral part of our nations underpinning foundation, and shows that there at the heart of us all there is still a need for prayer and a deep spiritual yearning, and that with the right attitude of prayer by Christ's followers we can yet make a difference and bring back the lost to the fold, but we have first to be open the gates to them and meet them where they are and not where we are.

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