Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Just three titles from the very many on display at the @CRT_Retreat #CRT2018 that I fe) in love with! So much say that I owe a big thanks to the folks from @ivpacademic for letting me take Ryken's, The Messiah Comes to Middle Earth, away with me to finish reading on the train home! And it was a beautiful rich read indeed with amazing theological insights blended into a lush treatise on LOTR.. Gives you an amazing excuse to reread LOTR to see this fresh interpretation play out for yourself! The Philisophy of Christian Religion from @spck_publishing was from the sections I had time to read (not much sadly it was busy!) an incredible, well reasoned and deeply satisfying philosophy of religion book.. And though I disagree with some of the authors conclusions on Thomism I can agree they were well reasoned and articulated, and though we don't agree on atomism the section on Deism made up for it... ;) Finally the Mere Science and Christian Faith one me ocer in the very first flick open all thanks to one joke about God, Time, and Pennies... And it carried on impressing with its style, looks, and topic. Think this is one id be very happy to read, use, and discuss with others. So yeah just 3 out of so many good good books! Remember these and many others can be found (or ordered!) from. Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market! Or from any good independent bricks and mortar bookshop! #books #book #indiebookshop #christianbooks #christianbookshop #theology #spirituality #scienceandfaith #reviews #middleearth #tolkien #philosophy #faith #reviews #publishers #reading

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