Friday, October 06, 2006


Jigsaws came in today - lots of Thomas Kinkade jigsaws and also some really nice steam train jigsaws and some mythic ones -ohh very nice - shame that I dont actaully have the patience to do them myself.
A christmas Beano special jigsaw also came in and sold within 27 minutes, not a bad turn around that!
So now we are all ready for the dark winter nights and the christmas rush and have our jigsaws all firmly in place and ready to sell, so come by and see them and the cool elvis palying cards and bead sets that also came in.

Where did a week go?

Can someone please tell me where on earth the last week or so went! I mean one day it was last tuesday and now its this friday!

So ok I can account for a manic, and I do mean manic, Saturday - me, unicorntreeboss, running the shop all by myself, do you know what that actaully meant?? that meant work! yes real work, me, interaction with cheerful customers and no time to sit and read and a not a minion in sight to boss! And how many jigsaws! I almost thought I was a jigsaw shop at one point and not a bookshop, you can tell the dark nights are acoming! - so okay a manic saturday I do indeed recall.

Then an exhausted sunday to follow - it was all I could do to get out the bed to get a cup of tea, let alone face the weekly orders sheets!

But now Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seem to have snuck past me in a maelstrom of work! and this is just not right, no self respecting unicorntreeboss should really have to work this hard - thats what minions are for!

I remember now!

Monday was sort out the music day, who knew we had Rod Stewart hidden in the back corner, let alone Status Quo, and ohh but assistant manager minion was ecstatic when she found not just The Andrew Sisters to play (hah, but now its sold so its at least a week till we have to listen to that one again!) but then George Formby - and do you know what is most scary? that sold too! and not to an old person but to a twenty something! so it was the music that caused the memory loss!

Tuesday? oh yes that was the big Science Fiction Delivery day and also the Puzzle Book pallet delivery! Can I just say that there are some great Sciecnce Fiction books out there and I can heartily recommend Jim Butcher as an absolutely great read, the tag line of the series is:
Magic - it can get a guy Killed! a very funny alternate reality type book thats part magic/fantasy and part Crime Fiction. absolutely great, lots of humour with enough suspense to keep you going.
Keep your eyes peeled and I will be doing a review of it in the next few days - providing of course that a week doesn't run away from me again!

So what was Wednesday - oh yes the New Computer Day! at last a computer that works!! one that will do more than one task at a time and doesn't take 20 minutes to connect to the net, thus we can now much more swiftly look things up again! and not only was it new computer day - which both made the assistant manager minion smile with great great joy but also pull out her hair in set-up frustration at times - but also the Ingram order arrived from America with a load (seven ) of new Nora Roberts titles, the newest ones available and not yet in this country, and also a load of Louis L'amour westerns, a number of which were sold as we were taking them out of the box by an over eager happy customer who was passing at just the right time! Oh and lots of Torey Haydon books were also in the box.
The most amazing thing is that I only sent off the order late Saturday afternoon and it was here in the UK first thing Wednesday morning, absolutely amazing.

So that brings us to today and today was Gibson Games delivery day, and we now have Elvis and also WWII Warship Playing Cards and lots of beautiful jigsaws - Thomas Kinkade ones and Beano ones, yes Beano and Dandy jigsaws, just how cool is that, oh and lots of Christmas designs - well come on it is October now!

Anyway hopefully this manic rush that subsumes my blog and reading time will slow up a little as the minions return nicely to their appointed work places and mingle once again with the cheerful customers thus allowing me to return to what I am best at! being a unicorntreeboss!