Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ops nearly forgot to post this week's bank holiday reading for the @unicorntreebks boss! Fuller Reviews will follow but just to say Robertson's 'what would Jesus post' from @brfonline was a really good read for this social media person, and Ortberg's 'Eternity is now in session' from @HodderFaith is a book that really makes you think about what you thought you knew, and causes you to dis deeper into your own personal beliefs and actions.. For the kingdom of God is within you and maybe just maybe that means a lot more than you thought... Now moving onto 'the culture of God' by Nassau which looks to be deep and rich and insightful... OK so all these books and many more good ones can be found at your local Independent Bookshops like us at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market.. Please support real independent bricks and mortar Bookshops when you buy because high streets need Bookshops and Bookshops need buying customers to continue their mission in towns and cities ;) #book #books #bookshop #indiebookshop #christianbookshop #christianbooks #spirituality #faith #churchresources #theology #biblestudies #lincoln #lincolnshire #review #reading #reviews

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