Tuesday, October 16, 2018

These perfectly formed NRSV gift bibles from @CambridgeUP came across my desk today at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market and asked to be reviewed. They are small but with a beautiful clear and bold print that makes them easy to read sepite the small print size. The premium leather looking one is lush and truly looks the part of a refined black leather bible and really would be an incredible and long serving serious gift for perhaps Ordinations, Confirmations or for something with a feeling of gravitas attached to it. Next up are the silver and grey editions, both with gil edges, and both very suitable for any gift giving occasion from Christenings to marriages... I particularly like the gentle sheen (almost sparkle) to the grey edition which just lifts it that little bit, but in no way moves it away from being emminently suitable as a gentleman's gift. Finally the green edition is the cheaper priced edition and to be fair more an everyday compact carrying bible than a purposeful gift edition, but despite this the print and quality hold through making it an excellent companion for everyday life, or maybe as a Sunday school or school gift edition perhaps. All in all a set of beautifully formed, and well thought out, compact and gift edition NRSV bibles from Cambridge University Press indeed. As always these, and many more good books and bibles, can be found in your local independent Bookshops like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, and we really would encourage you to go through a small independent bookshop for your purchases as they truly rely on you to remain in business and serving the local community where they are. https://ift.tt/1TEBPlr #books #book #indiebookshop #christianbooks #christianbookshop #bibles #leatherbible #faith #Christian #cambridgeuniversitypress #bible #gift #awards #review #buylocal #independent #bookshop

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