Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ooh Christian Books, Magazines & More

Ohh, There was another 40 Books added to the Christian section today, including the christian top 20 sellers. That was more work than you might think, some of those resources just would not fit the shelves and the hardbacks wouldnt stand and there was more! but I have to say at least the bay looks good and I had people looking and saying they would be back. We can hope.
There was also a delivery of magazines, back issues of Trail, Country Walking, Hike, Camping, The Spectator & Business News magazine. SO I had to completely rejig the front to get them out on display, now lets hope they sell. Puzzle mag delivery today - can you explain to me how come I can have a fresh delievery in and yet be assured by some that either A) there are no... insert puzzle titles of choice! or B)they ahve had all the magazines on display!
Ohh I tell you it makes my head hurt!
Yesterday in the down pour it rained in the bookshop, emergency plans sped into action and pieces of wood and shelf backing sprang into action as worthy protective forces for the most problematic drops and soon we were dry again - of course this was probably helped by the fact that the rain stopped quickly being just a summer squall.
There is a 3 for £5 promotion on books at the minute. I have been around with my little yellow highlighter colouring in labels, and any yellow labels now deonte they are part of the promotion and instead of 2 for £5 you now get 3 for £5 if the books have a yellow sticker! how cool is that for a summer promotion. Anyway if you are reading this then hurry in as once the books are gone they are gone and there are some pretty good authors in the promo!
So ok thats it the end of the blog for today as the bookshopboss is tired and gets to do it all again tomorrow - who knows maybe my american delivery from Ingrams will appear to cheer me up a little! its just like christmas everytime the american box arrives!