Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today's reading... And can I just say I am loving Louis Giglio's new book - Goliath Must Fall. It's, as ever, a well centred easy to read book that pulls together Scripture and everyday life in an understandable and engaging way that moves the book just a little past the 'self help' genre that some books seem to fall into whilst professing to be about God... This one, it seems to me, has God and biblical wisdom at its core, with a good hit of dealing with the things that knock us down by making us face up to them and admit we are not David and just our own take on a slingshot and stone hit won't do it for us in taking out our problems - though they can be dealt with. Excellent book that I'm whizzing through and hence why later I'll really start on 'Every Job a Parable' by John Van Sloten which also looks really good from the passing dip into it I've done so far ;) Remember both these titles and more can be found and purchased at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market - please do support Independent Bookshops so we can remain a physical presence in towns and cities :) #book #books #bookshop #christianbookshop #bookstall #religion #reading #theology #spirituality #faith #review #christianbooks #indiebookshop #buylocal #lincoln #lincolnshire

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