Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Church & Community Group Partnership Scheme

We have now officially launched our Church & Community Group Partnership Scheme!
So if you have a church or group we would like to help you earn revenue by becoming an affiliate partner of Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts!
(That's right an affiliate scheme thats not cyber based but is in a real shop with real people!! though of course you can still twitter or facebook your orders and enquiries to us!)
This is a real opportunity for working together to build community by supporting each other! More proof if needed that we are Working with you and for You!

The basic idea is that Churches and Community Groups (this also includes schools, clubs or any community, church or group based initiative) sign up with us as a Partner, Once signed up you promote us to all your church/group members and then everytime they come into the shop and make a purchase, providing they let us know they are part of your partnership, you get a percentage of that sale held in credit for your church/community group!

That's right - they buy, you spend!
It cost's your collective members nothing extra,
it costs you nothing but a bit of time, word of mouth and/or print promoting the service and our shop to your collective members (and anyone else you know who may benefit from the Scheme please!),
in fact the only one it's costing is us as we give away a percentage of our income to you!
We think this is worth it as we are helping you and we hope building community at the same time - and yes we do not deny we hope it helps us too by increasing the outreach of our shop too!

We will be hoping to run special partnership events and offers as time progresses as well.

So whats the catch?
Your collective partnership have to buy up to £250 worth of goods in the course of the year, now even if your group only has 10 people in it (and remember you can get them to recruit their friends and family for your aims as well - it's a viral charity thing!!) then that's only a total spend for each of them of £25.00 in a year!
Given everything we sell - books, jigsaws, arts & craft supplies, gifts, music, cards, dvd's, stationary & lots more - thats not really going to be that hard is it!

So please do contact us to sign up & please do spread the word around about the Scheme - it's open to any Church and Community Group and also to pretty much any other group, club or network too!