Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Fast do books get from America to here?

Sent off the Ingram Order today - that's our American Import main supplier, now last week we sent an order off on Saturday night and it was in on Wednesday morning - now to say we were a little suprised by the speed was putting it mildly! We were not only surprised we were overjoyed as were all the Louis L'Amour fans whose Western Cowboy and Sackett books were in the box, and the assistant unicorn boss was also a little happy as all the Nora Roberts new books were also in the box, so anyway enough of last week, back to this week.
Well anyway sent the order today and we are waiting to see how fast this one will come in.
Now given the speed of last week we reckon sods law dictates that it will be three weeks next Thursday before we see these books, which will of course make for a different set of unhappy Louis L'amour and J.T.Edson fans, as that's what's mostly in this box again, who new there were so many cowboy fans out there! Having said that the Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson CD's seem to have been selling well just recently as well. Must be a country thing!
Hmm the jigsaws that came in the other day seem to be sailing out this week, lots of people buying 1000 piece and double 500 piece jigsaws! I admire these people along with the ones buying all the new Suduko puzzle books we just had in as I don't have the patience to do complicated puzzles, much more a word search puzzle person or even just give me a book and I am happy!
Talking of books I still owe you all a review on Jim Butcher and his book Storm Front, it really was good and a review will follow soon I promise, but I started reading Tanya Huff's Newest book - Smoke and Mirrors, which follows on from Smoke and Shadows that I reviewed the other week and now can't put it down! Reviews to follow, promise!