Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to All of You

I'm taking this time to wish you all, customers, minion types, friends, suppliers, blog readers etc. etc. etc. a very fond and real wish for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
The old year is nearly over now - it has not been without it's troubles, worries and pains, however more important to remember is that it has not been without its joys, its laughs and its gains, and these surely must count for more in the end balance sheet.
The New Year is just on the horizon with its stories still to tell and reveal, there will of course be some sad and hard times but my prayer and hope for all of us is that these will in the end be more than balanced by the times of Joy, laughter and growth we will experience in the coming days and months ahead.
I shall look forward to seeing you and relating to you all in the coming year and hope that you will come in and bring others, bring friends and that together we can make 2011 a year of true sharing, a year of community and a year of growth for us all.
Have a good New Year celebration and I'll see you Next Year - I'll of course be the one with the Caramel Latte in hand! See you in the shop soon!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Chance for Christmas & may it be a peaceful one for all

Well here we are the Thursday before Christmas, I wanted to be able to tell you all that we would be staying open late this Thursday along with all the other shops and the Cornhill Market but unfortunately not as Lincoln City Council bods wouldn't allow it without us traders paying for the staffing, even though the staff are already here for the extra hour or so, ahh well, how very sad.
Still don't despair! I'm here till 4pm as usual and will be here tomorrow for your last minute christmas purchases.
I want to take this time to wish all of my blog friends, customers, minion types, suppliers and visitors a really blessed and peaceful Christmas, filled with Joy, love and laughter, enough to last not only through Christmas but all through what's left of this year and well into the next new one and on.
I really appreciate all of you and thank you for your support, smiles and custom - long may we continue to trade and entertain each other.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Praise where it's due

I believe it's important to give praise where its due and so I want to take this space to thank some people for doing a grand job through this last week or so of horrendous weather.

Andy Bradley, the onsite supervisor here at Lincoln Central Market, has worked really hard to keep the market open and trading every day during this nasty weather, despite the fact that many other places closed and he could have taken that option as many others did. Instead he thought first of the traders and their livelihoods and despite it all came in and ensured it was open and heated for us! Thank You Andy and your Team of Paul & Emma.

I would also like to say thanks to Paul Bolden, one of Andy's team.
Last Monday when the place flooded even though Paul wasn't officially at work, when told of the problem by Ben Lockley, offered to come down with him and then worked hard to finally stop the flood that had been going on for quite a long while by this point. He then acted as a really good and concerned member of the Lincoln Central Market team and family and stayed on in his own personal time to help clear up the spill.

Now if only there were more like Andy & Paul - they are the real credit to my mind and at this time to Lincoln City Council - I am quite sure there are others like them and I only wish I had come across them to date!

If you know of any others who deserve an accolade or even a thanks like this - then do it, say it, post it - you can even put it in the comments here!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Unicorn Tree Books sustains flood damage from Landlords burst pipe.

Phil from the website says it so well for me, as of course did the Lincoln Echo:

"DO YOU LIVE in or near Lincoln? If so, please consider contacting the City of Lincoln Council about their failure to take responsibility for a burst pipe that led to flooding, inconvenience, loss of sales and stock damage for their tenants in Lincoln Central Market this week, including our very own Melanie Carroll at Unicorn Tree Books.

Read all about it as reported at

Lincolnshire Echo: Market traders angry as council refuses to cover cost of flooding caused by burst pipe

Lincolnshire Echo: Market traders angry as council refuses to cover cost of flooding caused by burst pipe

STALLHOLDERS have reacted with disbelief after the City of Lincoln Council refused to cover the costs of flooding in Lincoln Central Market.

Water cascaded from inside the roof of the Central Snacks cafĂ© for more than half an hour on Monday morning, and ran “like a river” towards nearby Unicorn Tree Books.

But now traders Barry Reeves and Melanie Carroll say the council has told them to claim on their own insurance as the burst pipe which led to the damage was “not a maintenance issue”.

“The council is trying to wangle its way out of it,” said Mr Reeves, chairman of the Sincil Street Traders Association.

The report continues quoting Mr Reeves as he describes the appalling situation of a leak that simply went on and on pouring water into the marketplace because “the caretakers didn’t know where the stopcock was.” Yet here is the common sense advice that the City of Lincoln Council offers to householders who may be concerned about the possibility of burst pipes in their homes:

Preventing frozen and burst pipes

* Make sure you know where your stop tap is and that it is working.

How can a Council which offers that advice to householders not know where the stopcock is in its own premises — especially when it rents those premises out to other people? Prospective stallholders at Lincoln Central Market are offered the following assurance:

The City of Lincoln Council works in partnership with the regional Business Link service to provide access to all the information, advice and support needed to start, maintain and grow your business.

If you think giving Melanie and other tenants in Lincoln Central Market the brush off instead of helping them to brush up and recover from this flood is an act of negligence, please drop the City of Lincoln Council a line and say:

You made BBC Radio 4′s ‘World at One’ on December 1st when you cancelled the Lincoln Christmas Market because of the bad weather. It was a sensible decision under the circumstances. It would be an even more sensible decision to support the Lincoln Central Market which is there all year round! You have a duty of care towards your tenants to ensure that the space you’re charging them for is fit for purpose — and when accidents happen because of your neglect, the least you should do is cover their costs!

Please take remedial action now for your existing stallholders that will reassure prospective stallholders that you can and will live up to your promise to provide all the support they need to not only start but to maintain and grow their business.

Addendum - I have today added quote marks because it would appear some people who work in certain places didn't realise this was actually a copy of a news article from the 2nd of December from the UK's leading Christian Bookshop Trade blog -

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Advent-Hanukah Celebration -Lincoln Council of Christians & Jews - Tickets Available from Unicorn Tree Books

Advent-Hanukah Celebration -Lincoln Council of Christians & Jews - Tickets Available from Unicorn Tree Books

Faiths unite for festival
JEWS and Christians are coming together next month to celebrate two important festivals from each faith.
Following the success of a similar event in 2008, the Lincoln and District branch of the Council of Christians and Jews is organising a celebration of the Christian season of Advent and the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

The event will be held on Wednesday, December 8, at 6.30pm at the Chapter House of Lincoln Cathedral.
The festivals are not connected, but share common features.
The North Hykeham and District Choral Society and children from the Ellison Boulters Primary School in Scothern are taking part. Chairman of Lincoln CCJ, Steve Griffiths said: "Not only will it encourage spiritual dialogue between Jews and Christians, which is the central purpose of CCJ, but it will further strengthen the close ties between the cathedral and the local Jewish community. "We are enormously encouraged by the commitment of civic and church leaders."

Entrance to the celebration is ticket only, but tickets are free and are available now from Jews' Court, Steep Hill, and Unicorn Tree Books, 35-40 Central Market, Sincil Street, Lincoln.

(As Reported in the Lincoln Echo on Saturday 13th November 2010)

This year I am hoping to be able to keep 2 tickets for me, as I really wanted to go last year but the last person in wanted 3 so I kindly sacrificed my own 2 for them! I'm really hoping not to have to do it this year as everyone kept telling me after how beautiful the celebration was - So do stop in and get your tickets so you don't miss something truly wonderful

Monday, November 15, 2010

Book Signing - Childrens Author & Illustrator Jasper Cooper in UTB with his Artwork & Books on Saturday 20th November at 12noon

Jasper Cooper is the author and illustrator of The Kingdom of Gems trilogy, a Children's Fantasy Adventure Trilogy.

He has visited many schools leaving behind a legacy of inspired children and enthusiastic teachers and is now bringing his display and talents to Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts on Saturday 20th November between 12noon and 2PM when he will be showing some of his original artwork as well as signing copies of his wonderful books!

It will be a great time for Children and Adults so come and meet this wonderful author and illustrator here at Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts - your local independent and community bookshop.

Oh and we appreciate for some of you this might not be exactly your thing but go on do us a favour and tell someone who might like it!

'The Glass Prison - Jasper Cooper

The Dark Wizard Troubler is close to possessing the powerful Candara Gems and the kingdom seems lost to his evil spell. Amalek and Seph have survived their dangerous journey to acquire magical help from the great Wizard Elzaphan.
However, along with the group of courageous animals, including Joog the owl, they must return to face the evil wizard...'

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Book Signing by Claire Kinton - All proceeds to Help for Heroes & SSAFA

Book Signing by Claire Kinton author of 'Dead Game' - All proceeds to Help for Heroes & SSAFA
13 November · 12:00 - 14:30 at Unicorn Tree Books, Central Market, Sincil Street, Lincoln. LN5 7ET

Unicorn Tree Books is proud to be hosting a book signing by Claire Kinton, author of Dead Game on Saturday 13th November.
This is the Saturday before Remembrence Sunday and given the subject matter of the book we are happy to say we will be donating all profits from the sale of this book at the signing to Help for Heroes and SSAFA - so please support us and come meet Claire and get your copy of this wonderful book signed on Saturday 13th November between 12noon - 2:30pm.

Dead Game - Claire Kinton
'When Lance Corporal Archie Fletcher’s plane plummets into the Persian Gulf during the Second Gulf War, even his wild imagination could never have primed him for the adventure he must now undertake. With guardian angels, a cursed centaur and mythical saints, Archie battles his way through a feral land called 'Transit'. But 'Dead Game is no easy feat. The fantasy will sweep you away to a parallel world where you will follow Archie’s fateful story full of courageous imagination - confirming that knowing deep within us all that the adventure of life must go on.'

Please come and join us for this free event and tell others about it too!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Minions leave to start own Businesses!

Sorry there's not been much blogging for a few weeks but this bookshop boss is feeling a little hardworked and a tad lost as all the minions have gone! and no it wasn't because i'm an evil world domination planning furniture moving Brain, it's because both my minions have grown up under my loving tutelage (stop sniggering you there off screen at and gone off to be their own bosses and torture, erm I of course mean recruit! their own legion of minions who in time will desert them and leave them to do all the furniture re-arranging!

Now as we all know the Eunice Minion left to be the boss of '2 by 2 Pets' here in Lincoln Central Market when my own popz retired from it ( then it was known as Al's Pets) and she purchased it, it's nice to see her with her own part time minions & conscripts now.

But in September the Allison Minion also left, she graduated from her 4 years of study to be a top notch counsellor and left to start her own practice, which she officially opened the doors of on 4th October! You can find out all about it by visiting her website: and we are pretty certain she will do famously and we hope if any of you ever need a counsellor you'd look her up.

So there we go, that's the story of my missing minions, still to come though is the story of my big, all alone (but with the brilliant help of Materialise It Mark for carpentry skills) shop redesign and re-arrange! There's even going to be pictures for that one!

Ok got to go play with the new coffee machine and make my own caramel latte now (no minions to go fetch so had to buy a machine to enable adequate boss functioning!) however feel free to bring me one when you come in and chat - see you soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Steampunk, Fiction and Modding Space Guns!

I'm having great fun this week here in the Unicorn Tree!

Not only have we/I been making lovely cards, doing altered art jewellery and modding goggles since our 'In The Style of... Steampunk, Victoriana & Grunge Collage' days, but yesterday I decided in honour of 'The Asylum Steampunk Weekend Convivial' that's on up at The Lawns this weekend (of which we from here will be attending in Costume as we stand a bookstall for Quirk Publishing!) that goggles weren't enough and I needed to make a space gun or two using some of the altered art principles I've been playing with!

Cue looking at anything with goggles of wonder instead of eyes! Everything is potentially something else with altered art, yes even old coke bottles and plastic book & plate stands!
Of course this was also a fantastic idea for a short story or writing cue exercise too!

So that's what we've done, come in and see the amazing stylistic future guns of 2130 & 2149, used respectively by the Airship Corps and Pirate/Bucaneer Fraternities.
Read the short overview wackipedia style histories of 'Munitions & The Cola Corps' - and overall just let your imagination go and dare to be a little bit silly, it's an amazingly freeing experience, thats why as we all know I do it all the while whilst the minions look on in amazement (horror?Pity?fear?).

So see you in the shop soon, and remember mines the caramel latte and you can bring whatever you like to drink too!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In the Style of ... Steampunk & Victoriana Grunge Collage Craft Day

If you weren't in town on Saturday you missed out on a treat as we were having a great day doing Craft Demo's and sharing idea's on the idea of being In The Style of Steampunk & Victoriana Grunge Collage!
It was great fun and you can see some of the cool fun stuff in the picture - the modded goggles are still in the shop, and they were great fun to do!
In fact so much fun I'm making another pair soon - Have just ordered the base goggles and hope they will be here very soon.
There are still some very cool packs of clockwork pieces in stock too - though minions keep depleting the stocks, naughty minions!
Anyway it was so much fun that I'm thinking we might have a bit of a go again this Saturday, not as organised as last time, a bit more free flow with a come and play vibe perhaps - we'll see how it goes!
The one thing I do know is that this craft demo and inspiration day was great fun and I think we'll perhaps think of having an 'In The Style Of...' Saturday perhaps once a month - especially once we move the shop around again to give the White Table more prominence at some point this september!
So anyway here's a pic and remember to swing by and see the goggles on display or even come in on Saturday and see if we're up to anything and what idea's you can pick up or add in to the mix!
Oh and feel free to bring a coffee by - as you all know by now I'm sure, mines a Caramel Latte!
In the style of steampunk victoriana grunge collage craft day... on Twitpic

Monday, August 16, 2010

Steampunk, The Echo & Me!

Made the Echo on page 3 again just a small little mention about The Book, Android Karenina, that we are going to be at the The Steampunk Festival/Convivial with - Along of course with other Quirk Classics and books!
Costumes are in planning, well ok I'm planning mine - modding my topper and building my goggles being the creative type I am! - though minions already had outfits as they already had full tickets to the event, including the ball, and do real Victorian (and Tudor!) Re-enactment anyway to go with their punkish attitudes!
The Echo lists it as being in October when in point of fact it is in September - so anyone going along please do call in and visit with us in the literature section there in the Lawns - and of course do call in before the event and share the fun that happens in the shop all the while.
Hey there's an idea maybe later in the month we could have a steampunk craft day and do some in shop modding, make a few pairs of googles, practise paint techniques for the aged look, or even just have fun with some victorian papers & assemblage pieces?
let me know if you're up for that and pass on the news to other.
See you in the shop soon - and remember if you want to bring the coffee I'll provide the chat!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Faith, Books & Facebook - The script I really should have used on The Reading Room on Siren 107.3fm

On Sunday 1st of August I was a contributor to the wonderful radio show, The Reading Room, on Siren 107.3fm. It is a fantastic radio show on the first sunday of every month at 10am - 12noon and then repeated on the following Tuesday starting at 7pm.
It is an excellent production by Paul and Jonny on books, reading, literature, writing and all manner of things to do with Books & Writing and has some fantastically good music in it too - I really do recommend it.
Paul foolishly has allowed me to be a regular contributor to it so far and this month I did a rather good job at fumbling live on air! I had a script and should have stuck to it but I didn't, bad me!
Still it's not as bad as it could have been and I hope one day Paul & Jonny will trust me to go back and do some more spots on air - I'll even buy them coffee and spring for syrup ;0)
Anyway here is the script I had, I share it here for your enjoyment and edification *grin*.

During the last month I've been reading a few books that look at the idea of facebook, social networking and how we relate to each other and how faith interacts with these ideas. After all I am all about books, faith and social networking - which despite what some may think is not so sad or so unusual. In fact facebook and yes, even twitter, are excellent communication mediums for sharing about all manner of ideas including faith and not least about books, about writing and can really help contribute to the society of the literate, and this despite what Lynne Truss seemed to be concerned about towards the end of her book - Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

Social networking via the internet, because lets remember that though when we use that phrase these days we seem always to be talking about the internet it is a phrase that also describes something that we can and do undertake offline as well! So anyway Social Networking via the internet has the potential and ability to expand and grow our outlook, our outreach and the communities in which we interact, or that's the theory at least. Now all of this it has to be said sounds like something we used to do in our physical and loca; communities and not least in our faith communities, so hows that working?
Hows the move to virtual, to a disembodied medium over a more phyiscal medium really working in this setting, in the traditional faith setting, thats the question that authors Jesse Rice and Dwight Friedman have both decided to look at in their books.

Jesse Rice's 'The Church of Facebook' published by David C Cook begins by addressing our need for connection with others and then goes on to look at why though facebook and twitter give us a form of connection in the end they just dont fulfill our more basic needs for contact - real contact - despite the length our 'contact' lists may be.
In the book he gives a great synopsis of the history and development of our socially networked internet and talks about how it has grown from our needs and wants, but he also points out how it can be a place of shallow depth and interaction that in some ways rather than satisfying actaully leaves one more empty, or feeling more lonely and isolated and then needing more of it to assuage these feelings - for me this made me think of the addiction cycle and tied in to why we succumb to and talk of facebook addiction etc. This is where the need for real community comes into play, says Rice, real human and physical contact can help fill the lonely spots and here is where faith can play an active and real part, faith should after all be about personal contact, outreach and growth - about more than just touching in through an update, but about real interaction. This is what Community and real connectedness is about.
Having said all this though 'The Church of Facebook' does not dismiss social networking, no instead it sys it can be a positive thing - a way to work and grow our connectedness but only if we move beyond the shallowness of much of the interaction and instead anchor it in the reality of our lives, only if we are honest and open and resist the temptation to hide in urbanity and surface socialisation - only then can there really be a church on facebook.
It is an excellent book and worth looking at even if your not really interested in the faith angle as such because it's looking at the idea of Community more than anything and as the subtitle says, 'How the hyperconnected are redefining community'.

Dwight Friesen's book, 'Thy Kingdom Connected' and published by Baker Books looks at a similar theme, that of networked communities, however this book does come with a bit of a warning because although facebook is mentioned in the subtitle of 'What the church can learn from facebook, the internet and other networks' this book isn't really about facebook or social networking online, thats just a nice marketing play to make the book more appealing to a larger audience! This book is really looking at Network Theory and relating this to how he, Friesen, believes the church should work.
Network theory at it's most basic is the idea that has adherents in many fields of study and holds we are connected in all manner of ways by links, nodes and cluster groups. It's an interesting idea and so is the underlying content of this book, however it's not an easy book to wade through and has a very technical feel to it. Being full of venn and cluster link diagrams doesn't really help as it just adds to the feel of being some sort of science manual. That said though if you want a book that really opens up the idea of the network theory and it's correlation to, connectivity to and implications for the church and what it could be, then this is that book and probably a very good one too as it does have some very interesting idea's of how things could work better and more integrative across the church.

On the whole though, 'The Church of Facebook' does cover much of the same idea and in a way thats much more accessable, fun, practical and that really addresses the reality of our internet, facebook, twitter linked and socially networking lives.

For me with both these books what we are really looking at is why we have moved ourselves online? Thats what we need to look at, to address, why are we so willing to pass up our actual phyiscal community for our online community? Is it just convenience - an anytime easy time thing? probably not given we hook into these things even whilst working or roaming the streets - So how do we address this?
We buy online instead of in our local shops, we email, msn, twitter, text and facebook chat as opposed to over the phone or in the real, why is this? How do we, or even do we want to, become more real in the virtual world? How do we deepen ourselves in and through the disembodied medium so we become more involved in the real community around us? Is social networking really increasing our social lives or is it just in reality shrinking them, it, us?
Something to consider and these books are both good starters in that process.
However I want to mention a third book, 'Googling God' by John Cox and published by Harvest House, and this is because this book is about finding God and how we start that experience, possibly by Googling him (or of course you could even Bing him these days! though we don't advise you use a bong although we understand some have tried using such a tool in some cultures, places and times!). From Googling God this then develops out into eventually a personal experience and relationship. Tihis book is great because it's written in such an engaging and personal way by someone who is of our time, a person whose had experience changing continents, changing lives, going through divorce, heartache and upheaval, who uses modern technology and isnt afraid of sharing the personal experiences of doubt, trauma and pain to get across his message. A person who is willing to share more than just the surface niceties and nonsense, but open up about the life drama's experienced in an open and honest way.
But what I like most about this book is how it feels like a book thats incorporating our internet experience into the very body and feel of it, it reads how googling hopping feels - short interesting on topic sections with jumps to quotes and idea's on a theme, quick flits elsewhere and then back onto the next engaging section. It reads like you are googling God and John Cox and that in iteself is really engaging and shows just how much books, the internet and faith can work together, adapt each other and grow to the better for it - and that is a great thing to witness.

Now remember all these books are available at Unicorn Tree Books, so why not call in to see us and pick up your copy, you can even come back and chat about it with me! or of course you can go to our online shop at or and get a copy there.
So come in and stock up soon - we'll look forward to seeing you, recieving an email from you, chatting on the phone (01522 525557) with you or even facebooking or twittering with you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Christian Marketplace Mini Mag - check it out now online -order In Store for the offers!

The fantastic new Christian Marketplace Mini Mag is here 
- full of fantastic reviews and information on new titles of Books, Music and DVD's. 
There's also some great articles as well!

You can check it out online here (if you do an online newsletter then please do add a link to it here) or come in (or contact us) for the real paper editions of the magazine to give out to your congregations and groups.

Now here at Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts (Lincoln's Christian Bookshop) 
we are giving £5.00 off any order from the magazine over £50.00

If you are an individual that's a great deal - but think about it,  if you are a member of a group or church you could use the magazine and the deal to raise some funds for the church or group whilst promoting christian literacy and good music listening too!

Enlarge this document in a new window
Publisher Software from YUDU

Friday, June 18, 2010

Common Worship 10th Anniversary & a stunning anniversary present!

Standard Edition's only £7.50 instead of £17.50!


Here at Unicorn Tree Books we are also offering extra Discounts for orders of 20+ copies!
This is the perfect time to refresh the pew copies for any C of E Church,

so please pass on the word to your local churches!


Bonded Leather Edition's are also available reduced from £40 to £15,

now at that price it might be worth treating yourselves :0) 


Of course at such a low price for such a high quality item you could perhaps buy in a stock ready to give as Confirmation or Ordination Gifts! 

The White Edition is also perfect for a Bride or as a Wedding gift!  

Again for higher quantity orders we are able to give an extra discount too!


Remember as well if you are members of the Church & Community Partnership Scheme then tell your congregation or groups of these fantastic prices because if they come in and buy themselves copies this will count towards your Schemes total!


Just to let you know these are not the only bargains in store at the minute - we also have the Lion Summer & Sunday School Promotion in stock, an activity book promotion running and a rather fantastic Childrens Bible & Book promo running  - all with some great quantity discounts and fun mix n match stocks.


So come in and stock up soon - we'll look forward to seeing you, recieving an email from you, chatting on the phone (01522 525557) with you or even facebooking or twittering with you! 


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Join us on Saturday 15th May at 12noon and Meet Jon Rowlands author of The Ninth Paradox!

Join us on Saturday 15th May at 12noon 
for our contribution to the fun that is The Lincoln Book Festival

We are pleased to host Local Author Jon Rowlands

Jon will be talking about and signing copies of his fantastic debut work - 
' The Ninth Paradox' which is a multi-genre timeshift work!

Tell your friends about it and don't miss it! 
This is a free event and a fantastic chance to talk to a first time Author from Lincoln who can tell you all about the process or writing great fiction and getting published.

Monday, April 26, 2010

READuce, READuse, READcycle at Unicorn Tree Books

READuce, READuse, READcycle
Help save the planet, choose secondhand books - and get them from us :0) 
Because we give you a credit against the ones you bring in to us to use against the others you buy from us!

However you can't always buy a secondhand book; someone has to buy it new first for it to become secondhand and if you want to read that fave authors newest book when it comes out then secondhand just isn't likely to be an option, so you can buy that New Book from us first (because we are cheaper than some!) and then when you bring it back you will get a credit on it too, and if the book was purchased from us first then the credit you get will be higher than if you purchased it elsewhere!

Remember when buying books, New or Secondhand, the greenest option is always to take the bus (or walk or cycle!) down to your local Secondhand and New bookshop like us here at Unicorn Tree Books thus saving the shipping CO2 from buying online, but if you can't find it locally then buying secondhand online is still a good bet so please use us at or where you can find New & Secondhand Books (and lots more) and keep supporting your local shops and community as well as doing your bit for the global community.
 Go Local to Go Global, local communities supporting local businesses build a better world and support a healthy global economy and network – and make the world just a little bit greener to boot!
So looking forward to seeing you and remember mines a Caramel Latte should you be so inclined, and the minions? Macchiato's or Hot Chocolates I do believe! but even without the essential life giving brews we will look forward to seeing you in the shop soon and chatting about the good book your reading or recommended author of the minute :0)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Think Local Not Amazon - but to help we'll try to match Amazon prices!

Just to let you all know - we are putting up a sign in the shop saying:

We Will Try to Match Amazon's Prices on Bulk Orders so Please think of us first and support your Local Indie Shop.
You can also support us online too - & - where you will get Amazon prices ...everytime, so please bookmark these sites and use them for your purchases - Every little bit helps :0)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Think Local, Buy Local, Be Local - Don't let our local business become a thing of the past!

Now as you know we really are committed to you all and want to support you in the best way we can!

We set up the Church and Community Partnership Scheme to really work with and support the local communities, because we want to give to the local community, we want to be part of that community actively and integrally.

We host events, buy tables, run classes, start groups and make blogs because we want to be involved with our community.

We know how hard it is to always get into the shop so we have set up ways for you to shop online with us, so you can still go local to go global.

In fact we want to be part of the community - an integral, fulfilling and active part of the community.

We hope you want us to be part of the community as well!
To this end then we need your help - we need you to support us too because being a small local indie business is getting harder and harder, So please use us whenever you can - you know we will go that extra mile for you!

And Yes, as you know and we have always admitted - all the things we do such as above are not completely self sacrificing, they are as much for our benefit as yours - but then thats what community is all about, working together for the betterment of both, of all!

So please, here are some posters - 
can you perhaps print one out and stick it up somewhere visable:

church, school, Dr's Surgery, community hall, house window, car window
(all right the last two are unlikely but really how cool would that be - how cool would you be to do that, to really show full out grass roots support!).

Can you tell people about us please, real people you see and know, share the knowledge of us and that we are here, perhaps on your own blog or facebook pages you could include links to our website(s) or even to this post, or use the poster on your blog!
Perhaps in your emails in the signature section you could include one of our links? Recommend us on your twitter stream?

Please support us - shop with us and share with us and share us with others.
let's be community minded and share news with our community - wherever and whoever they may be.

And you know if there is something you want sharing, something you want spreading to the community then let us know, bring us a poster to put up in the shop, send us a note to blog or twitter about, let us know about your links too!

You see if we think local, buy local and be local the whole community and economy naturally and vigorously grows strong and healthy and vibrant! All we have to do is start sharing and spreading the message, start thinking of each other as part of the whole - the community.
So go on, stick up a poster, add a link and use the shop and the sites!

It makes sense!

Now remember, when you come in to have a chat, share the news, or as you bring a poster to put up or leaflets to hand out, mine's a caramel latte and you can have whatever you want too! oh and if I recall right I think the minions mostly drink hot chocolate - see how community minded I am, I even remember the minions!
The websites are:

You can join us on twitter: @unicorntreebks
Friend us on Facebook, or join our facebook group

Please think local, buy local, be local and support us where you can, just use the websites and pass on the info wherever you can - and in return we'll try to be the best we can for you, just let us know what you want and need and how we in turn can help you, our community and our friends.

Can't resist this - it's fantastic really, at the end just change the one word 'America' to 'Britain'! and remember  I'd love to see you in the shop soon :0)