Friday, October 07, 2011

Christmas is Coming - Bible Refresh Offer!

Christmas is Coming!

Now I know that at my house in the lead up to Christmas one of the things we do is smarten up a bit, a touch of redecoration ( and no not putting up tinsel and baubles!) but smartening up the things that over the year have taken knocks and got a little tired so that when the guests come at Christmas the house looks welcoming for them.

Based on this idea I thought maybe this might be something Churches might like to do it too - and one of the things I find gets a lot of wear and tear in many churches is the Pew Bible!

So here's a rather good deal to anyone who thinks they just might like to do a bible refresh before the Christmas guests arrive!

(Here's the link to the flier telling of the offer just in case the clever picture doesn't show up!
Don't worry if your church doesn't use the NRSV, just contact us as we can do some great offers on other versions of the bible too - just ask us!

Remember we are here to serve you and we really appreciate your support - go on Shop Local - it's better for all of us when we go local to go global ;-)
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