Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Time, Nativity no wine!

Christmas Time is here! how do i know? The Nativity Sets order arrived and there are some fantastic sets and angels and decorations and stuff and if I do say so myself the display is not too bad either! 
I had great fun trying to get it all to fit, especially as yesterday 8 big boxes of Paint By numbers, art supplies and more arrived and needed homing as well.
There are some great canvas designs in - Thomas Kinkaide glow like ones that you too can do!

But back to the angels and nativity sets, there are some really cute ones in and at pocket money prices, but there are also some wonderful faux wood ones that are simply luscious and would look great on the mantlepiece, but won't sting the pocket too much!

So anyway there we go, Christmas is now officially here!

So ok nativity sets in, angels in, christian books in, communion wafers in - but no we can't sell communion wine except for the noon-alcoholic version - the market building has a no selling alcohol policy!  So thats it all set and ready for the season of advent and christmas. Just the cards to write and presents to get for minions and friends!

OOOH do you know what? (perhaps you do) Dave Walker of the CartoonChurch Blog (he rocks, it rocks, I dream of being that amusing and on the ball) linked my blog! thank you sir, I bow to you.

Anyway so in case you missed it - the shop is sort of tidy, the minions are ruling for the next 2 days as I am elsewhere being bookish and busy, and the shelves are stuffed with stock and there is the coolest collection of colourful objet d'arts in stock (ok paint by numbers etc etc and nativity sets and angels) for you to come in and adore and then take home with you after releasing that christmas money you have saved all through the year!

See you in the shop on saturday, have fun with the minions until then.

Ohh and by the way visit our new christmas charity appeal - we are donating to Habitat for Humanity for Christmas,

and our official sponsored charity for the year is Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity - thats where all the pennies people kindly leave behind are going to, and its also where a percentage of the shops profits go! feel free to donate online as well.