Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Vat Rate! Keep the New Year Cheer!

Happy New Vat Rate!
However as we don't like to bring the New Year down in feel already we have decided to carry the VAT Increase on all current stock ourselves and not change any prices to you, our lovely customers.
So ok it's not much - but it is a little thing we can do to help customers & churches at the start of this New Year!

So that's no increase on Candles, Cards, Gifts, Music, DVD's, Jigsaws, Art & Craft Supplies & Stationary - and of course there never was an increase on books as they are zero rated anyway.

Being honest though when we get new stock in on new increased prices from our suppliers we might have to change some prices - especially as January typically is when the prices from suppliers tend to go up anyway.

So there we go keep on having a Happy New Year and keep your smile going into the year! Oh and don't forget we have our New year Sale on in shop too - so not only haven't prices gone up but they have also gone down on a whole lot of things too!

So see you in the shop soon, I'm going to be the one with the large latte, caramel flavoured of course, to see me smiling through the sale and the new year!