Sunday, June 15, 2014

When 6 became 5...

Bit of a bittersweet day at Unicorn Tree Books yesterday.
We relinquished one of our units, going down from 6 to 5.
Hard decision but you see we really rely on your support and so when things are tough for you they get really tough for us too.
On the bright side this is a new beginning and not an ending!
Proof was provided again today, as you can see in this video, that Unicorn Tree Books might just be related to the Tardis (still looking for a swimming pool though, but we do know where there is a leaky roof does that count!).
We haven't had to reduce our stock holding at all, and it doesn't even really look like we depreciated space - even though we did!

We have hopes and plans that involve new stock and ranges too ... and a cargo bike for bookstalls and deliveries going out to the villages if we can just find the funds (crowdfunding maybe!).
Come and see us soon and check out our new look for yourselves (there are still a few changes to finish off and a bit of tidying to do yet!)- and we remember that we really do exist solely by your good graces - so thank you, thank you for supporting us through these years and into the future and please do share news of us with all your friends, networks & colleagues too because the more people that know of us the better chance that we can serve more of you long into the future.