Thursday, November 01, 2007

Busy Life and Bookcase Botox!

Wow! things have been busy in the life of this bookshop boss! Diary and Calender season hit with a rush in early october and is steam rollering ahead! All the holiday makers brought their books back en mass and for a while it looked like we were trying to put in new walls in the shop made solely out of secondhand books! either that or the minions and customer base were just trying to box me in to keep me out the way! luckily we have now got a grip on this and shelved most of it, but now is the time for a bargain as a lot of the books we had in are now being sold on quick through no return at only 99p each or 10 for £5.00 and this includes some top authors like Dan Brown and Martina Cole!
We are now also carrying lots more religious books and have just been granted our remit to sell 'religious items' as well, so we have now have nativity sets, advent calenders, candles and Church Lectionaries in stock and as from next week we will have Communion Wafers in! how cool is that - well ok so I think its cool, however we now need more room!!!
Science Fiction and Paranormals keeps growing and we are carrying some manga and graphic Books now! and it goes on, and what with more religious, more thrillers, more saga's and lots more gen we are packed to the gills!
So be warned my loyal and somewhat lovely customers and my serving minions of staff - new bookcases have been ordered and much shifting of shelves will be occuring in the next few weeks! now as I am way too tight to close for a few days, and anyway what would all you readers do if we did that! this moving will occur whilst you are wandering around - now as it means dis-assembling some units and assembling others this will perhaps be a bit gory for the feint hearted and those with OCD! however we will endeavour ( well ok i will try a little!) to keep the mess and inconvenience down as much as possible, but there will be times when the section you want may well be in a box as its shelves are altered and rebuilt, but as long as you are officianado's of the jumble sale and rummage mentality then you should still be able to get by and grab that bargain of a book that you know is waiting for you!
So there we go, plans revealed, and already I feel tired just thinking about it let alone doing it!
By the way can I recommend John Ringo to you, his tech net fantasy is just really really good, starting with ' Here Be Dragons' which is available at a stunning bargain price of only £3.99 for a limited time instead of £6.99, it then continues on with 'Emerald Sea" which has mermaids and dragons, but also a stunning set of battle scenes that are a joy to read. So there we go, Bookshop Boss seriously recommends you nip in and get some John Ringo books to see you through the trials of the bookcase shuffle for the next few weeks.
Right, tired now, need caffeine or sleep and as there is more I want to do that would be caffeine! the staple of my diet! Going now see you in the shop tomorrow!