Saturday, February 09, 2019

Wow.. An excellent book from @brfonline has just come across the desk of Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market today, by Paul Bradbury, 'Home by Another Route' is an excellent read that uses the story of the prophet Ezekiel and the notion of Exile to really set the place of the Church in the world as it is today in real context. Absolutely fantastic book and if you only have time to read one key chapter 'Picking over the dry bones' chapter two... And especially red and take in what he says of the stories encountered in pages 42 onwards. This is essential reading for everyone involved in church life. I really do recommend this book, it opens up both Ezekiel and, more importantly, contextualises what this means for us today. Like all good books you can find it at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market or in your local town Independent Bookshops & Christian Bookshops and I would really ask you to buy it from them as only by supporting our local businesses will we have strong towns and growing jobs, and communities. #books #book #indiebookshop #christianbooks #christianbookshop #theology #spirituality #faith #church #reviews #authors #bookshop #buylocal #lincoln

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