Friday, April 27, 2012

If you've been down to the shop today...

If you've been down to the shop today you may have got a surprise!
 Books have been moving - in fact every secondhand book has moved to a new home ... we'd have really liked it if they moved themselves something like this:

But they didn't!  Instead I did it (along with some conscripted family and mini minions for a few shelves)!

It was a task and a half but well worth it as it means we can again fit more things in! Yes MORE!
This time not only more secondhand fiction but a whole new glass shelved display of Gifts!

It's not all quite finished yet, but it's getting there ... we are awaiting a delivery or two of new gift stock to come in, and that's why everything had to be moved. So they would have a nice new home ... not as some may claim because the bookshop boss just likes to change it up like the supermarket and keep the customers guessing!
The minion and mates that suggested that were duly despatched ... to get coffee for said hardworked bookshop boss.

We would also like to put customers minds at rest and assure them that no bookcases or books were harmed in the making of this wonderful new shop design - although the same cannot be said for the bookshop boss who was savaged more than once by errant bookcases and vicious thrillers that decided to jump off shelves and pound her into the ground in one notable case!

Still we have survived to tell the tale and invite you all to come down and see what's new and acquaint yourself with some great bargains and new books & gifts too.

Anyway I'm now off to grab a sugar free vanilla latte & a cookie to refuel before playing with the gift displays a little and putting out some new card ranges :D See you all soon here in the shop...
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