Thursday, December 07, 2017

Just some amazing books coming across my desk at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market for me to read (and in turn you all to buy!). Seriously 'For Good - The Church and the Future of Welfare' is a short book of 90pp that packs well above its weight and truly is a must read for all interested or involved in knowing about and practicing transformative change in welfare issues... A real book of social change issues for churches (and wider!), an essential read from @canterburypress. Next up I can honestly say that 'Blue Planet Blue God' is the book as a Christian you need to be reading alongside Attenborough's Blue Planet! This book isnt just about climate change and water rights issues, but us about the wonder, majesty, and intrinsic beauty and power that is water in all its forms and how that deep peaks to the soul of us too. Beautiful and deep book from @scm_press. Next up, Christian Alternatives have published 'Why Progressives Need God' by Clatworthy, thisis a deeply rich and readable study (that reads a little like a philosophical manifesto in some parts) on monotheism for progressives. It's a deeply interesting read, especially as we dig down deeply into what 'Monotheism' really is and means... Especially in today's culture. Another good book for personal reading but that would make a great group discussion read if you ask me! Finally one I'm taking home next... 'New World, New Church' by Hannah Steel and from @scm_press... Looking at the theology of the emerging church movement and its proponents, should be interesting and thought provoking I'd think. Now remember all these books and other really good ones like them are available from your independent Bookshops like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market and we all rely on you to buy from us to kept us real, here, and vibrant in your towns and cities so please do support us :) #book #books #bookshop #indiebookshop #christianbookshop #christianbooks #spirituality #faith #review #authors #publishers #buylocal #books #reading #study #theology #scmpress #canterburypress #christianalternatives #johnhunt #christian #church #lincoln

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