Monday, August 16, 2010

Steampunk, The Echo & Me!

Made the Echo on page 3 again just a small little mention about The Book, Android Karenina, that we are going to be at the The Steampunk Festival/Convivial with - Along of course with other Quirk Classics and books!
Costumes are in planning, well ok I'm planning mine - modding my topper and building my goggles being the creative type I am! - though minions already had outfits as they already had full tickets to the event, including the ball, and do real Victorian (and Tudor!) Re-enactment anyway to go with their punkish attitudes!
The Echo lists it as being in October when in point of fact it is in September - so anyone going along please do call in and visit with us in the literature section there in the Lawns - and of course do call in before the event and share the fun that happens in the shop all the while.
Hey there's an idea maybe later in the month we could have a steampunk craft day and do some in shop modding, make a few pairs of googles, practise paint techniques for the aged look, or even just have fun with some victorian papers & assemblage pieces?
let me know if you're up for that and pass on the news to other.
See you in the shop soon - and remember if you want to bring the coffee I'll provide the chat!