Saturday, May 04, 2019

More #reviews from the desk of the Unicorn Tree Bookshop Boss in Lincoln Central Market! First from @authentic_media the cute sewn fabric whale on the front of 'My first Bible Stories' makes this boardbook great as a gift or for everyday play! Next two books from @HodderFaith and both great for individual reading or as group studies. First off is 'Interrupting Silence' by @WaltBrueggemann and ai cannot recommend this book enough, it really is a book for our times but firmly rooted in the bible and stresses eloquently how we cannot stay silent in the face of injustice and wrong and must Speak Out! Short, easy to read, but oh so very deep! Read it... And then discuss it in a group. Next 'Faitheism' by @krishk which is subtitled 'why Christians and Atheists have more in common than you think' which doesn't sum up the openness and willingness to engage that's in these pages. This is not a book about proselytising but about really talking, sharing and coming together where we are. Another one that begs to be shared in a group setting. Next from @brfonline is 'Resilience in Life and Faith' by Tony Horsfall & Debbie Hawker. An absolute fantastic blending of Bible characters and the psychology of resilience, demonstrating what it is, why we need it, and how we can develop it. It covers many situations, and is again is great for own use and group.... And it would work in lots of groups too! Finally but not least... 'Every Tribe - stories of diverse saints serving a diverse world' from @SPCKPublishing is just a beautiful book. A series of diverse saints chosen by a diversity of people that highlight how little we know about saints and how sad that is, because when we truly understand them as they are we then see what it really is to be a Saint... To reach beyond ourselves to the other that really isn't. Read this book and be amazed by the diversity of faith there really is, and the joy of difference that is at the heart of grace. These and other great books are available from Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, & other Independent Bookshops... Please buy from a local Bookshop because without you there's no us. #books #book

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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Ohh a bumper crop of books that have come across the desk of the Unicorn Tree Bookshop Boss recently from @hodderbooks First off if I have to pick an absolute fave amongst these it's going to have to be 'A Gospel of Hope' by Walter Brueggemann... Why? Because its bite size pieces of deep, rational, and articulate theology across a breadth of ideas and topics! Yes you can read it like a book, or you can treat it like a pick and mix selection box of a book that you flick open and read a small passage and digest it at leisure... Its also good for fillers for a parish newletter, or a starter for a sermon. Lots of value in this lovely book. Next up the Paperback edition of 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Faith' by Peter Stanford... Another one that covers a multitude of subjects on the theme of faith, but from a lot of diverse people being they are taken from the archives of Stanfordvs interviewing career. Another one that's good to read, but could be also used as small group discussion material or sermon fodder. Then Pete Greg's 'How To Pray' is another great book for individuals or group work! A very accessible tour through the different forms and aspects of prayer with helps, exercises and further resources... But what I think really raised the bar with this book for me are the short 'hero of prayer' biographies at the end of every section.. Yes very nice addition to a helpful and easy to grasp book on praying. Last read of the bunch for me is Joyce Meyer and 'Living A Life You Love'. This is true Meyer with her down to earth, chatty, personable style coming through as she works through how we can get to the point of letting go of our stressors and just enjoying the life we live... And that the Holy Spirit wants to gift to us. Good 'Don't forget' sections and little highlight boxes make it an easy read one that Meyer fans will love and others in stressful lives might find helpful too. These and many more good books like them can be found on the shelves of Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, and in other good Independent or Christian street based bookshops... So please do support them :) #books #book #reviews

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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Ohh two new fun #childrensbooks just in from @authentic_media across the desk of the Unicorn Tree Bookshop Boss... And I can honestly say I needed the one to help with the other ;) Yep 'God Loves Me Always' was a fab pre-read to 'Hanging Out With Jesus' as I knew exactly how to handle the happy emotions thanks to the Hippo is Happy story in 'God Loves Me Always', and the really good Read Together notes for grown-ups in it too! Also the smiley faced sticker and butterfly sticker from the book may have ended up being used to express my delight with Bob Hartman's new book too ;) 'God Loves me always' also deals with sad, scared and angry as well and is a great introduction to emotions and recognising and dealing with them with bright simple pictures, large words, and very real situations. Perfect for younger people and others. So 'Hanging Out With Jesus' by Bob Hartman really is a riot, a colourful fun romp through the gospel stories that will never let you see Jesus' Disciples (or maybe even Jesus!) in the same way again... This is a book for kids that makes the Disciples big kids and Jesus their best mate... And in so doing brings the really quite funny (but serious) stories to life. Its a fantastic read for kids on their own, and an excellent read for adults to use either with their kids or with groups. Brilliant use of type and font too, with great illustrations by Mark Beech throughout it that just carries the pace of the stories along even more. Definitely a great read for the 7+ brigade and one I'm happy to recommend. Obviously these, and other great books, can be found in Independent High Street Bookshops & Christian Bookshops like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market and we'd really love it if you could support us & them with your purchases as only through your purchases do we stay in business to share these great books with others who might not otherwise come across them ;) #books #book #indiebookshop #generalbooks #childrensbooks #christianbooks #review #childrensactivities #christianbookshop #bookshop #christian #children #reading #newtitles #authors #authentic #kidsbooks

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ohh just a quick note from the Unicorn Tree Bookshop Boss to share some amazing books I am currently reading! First off the new Book from Richard Rohr 'The Universal Christ'.. It is, as expected, an entrancing deep and easy to read book that really asks you to look again at Jesus The Christ... Next up a classic, Esther De Waals, 'Celtic Way of Prayer' is just such a beautiful resource book on both prayer and cletic prayer. A rich delight with so much in it. And finally 'Liturgical Worship' by Mark Earey... May bit look or sound like something life changing, engaging and essential to read but oh my how it is! This is one not just for churches ministers or those training to be Ordinands but one for those that lead Forest Church's or just want to know more about what liturgical worship is (and isn't!), and how it has formed and grown. This book is amazing and I really do recommend it to anyone interested in or leading worship. OK that's it, as always these and many other good books like them can be found in your real bricks and mortar high Street independent Bookshops like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, and we would really implore you to buy in the shop and not online as we really do want to stay in your towns and cities and share the book love with you! #books #book #indiebookshop #generalbooks #christianbooks #review #christianbookshop #theology #spirituality #scienceandfaith #biblestudies #theologicalschool #worship #liturgy #ChurchillShow #christian #reading #CHP #spck #canterburypress

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ohh some great children's books coming across the desk of the Unicorn Tree Books Boss for review from @authentic_media :) my very favourite has to be the incredibly fun and tactile 'The Funniest Animals God Ever Made'... A really solid board book with the best long lasting and enjoyable rubber textures throughout... Armadillos, platypus, chameleon and more make this a great playful book suitable for tiny people (and their bigger sidekicks!) to enjoy. Then ' My ABC of God Loves Me' is a fantastic alphabet book, that not only takes you through the alphabet but introduces key concepts of the Christian Faith whilst doing it, in a gentle rhythmic way... A great book that would be perfect for a christening or dedication gift, as well as just for everyday use too. Finally the 'My First Memory Verse Bible' is my favourite sort of board book bevause it has a handle and is perfect for little ones to carry around with them. With each section having a memory verse that ties in to the theme of the very short bible story (that includes where to find it in the bible) this is a great little go to church board book for any little person. As always these and many other fantastic books for Children and Adults can be found at your local Independent Bookshop, like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, and I'd really encourage you to buy from an independent community based bookshop whenever you can. #books #book #indiebookshop #generalbooks #childrensbooks #christianbooks #review #childrensactivities #bookreviews #bookshop #booksaremybag #bookstagram #childrensbooks #church #Christian #boardbooks

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Saturday, February 09, 2019