Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Across my desk at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market came these delights... I have truly been immersing myself in some deep, delightful, reading and thinking! Starting with Scm Press, 'According to the Scriptures' by David Allen. Perfect lenten reading. well researched biblical studies at its best... digs into the use of OT scriptures in the NT and looks at why and how they were used, and how we should understand them not as we do now, but perhaps more appropriately as we did then. Then 'A Transforming Vision' Ed. By George Westhaver Some amazing studies on the Trinity. Kallistos Ware offers a beautiful short look at the mystical theology of Trinity in the Eastern tradition. Jeremy Begbie's contribution on artistic, musical and God/Trinity space is wonderful in tone, as is the conclusion by Rowan Williams. A book that though deep is accessible reading. 'Raging with Compassion' by John Swinton. A wonderful contribution to the study of the Problem of Evil... A breadth deep and satisfying but more important is the fact Swinton does not try to answer the problem directly, rather he raises the problem and suggests we look towards the ways we can be transformed and overcome the problems rather than dwelling on the abstract unanswerable why's...this is not a cop out though, it's a real world reality and is approached with real insight. From Christian Alternative, 'Questioning the Incarnation' by Peter Shepherd. This is an intriguing, Possibly controversial study on how the explanation of the incarnation just won't work for today and how we need to focus on what is Divinity, and Jesus' very real Humanity, and truly rework a trinitarian understanding of the incarnation that is meaningful... And more importantly that is actually understood and understandable today. Well worth reading. 'Liturgical Worship' by Mark Earey from CHP is a revised & expanded edition basic introduction to what Liturgical Worship is... Key reading with questions. BRF's 'Faith in the Making' by Lyndall Bywater is a perfect book of devotional studies on Heroes of the Bible as listed in Hebrews 11. Perfect for group or solo reading. http://ift.tt/1TEBPlr #book #books

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