Monday, November 15, 2010

Book Signing - Childrens Author & Illustrator Jasper Cooper in UTB with his Artwork & Books on Saturday 20th November at 12noon

Jasper Cooper is the author and illustrator of The Kingdom of Gems trilogy, a Children's Fantasy Adventure Trilogy.

He has visited many schools leaving behind a legacy of inspired children and enthusiastic teachers and is now bringing his display and talents to Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts on Saturday 20th November between 12noon and 2PM when he will be showing some of his original artwork as well as signing copies of his wonderful books!

It will be a great time for Children and Adults so come and meet this wonderful author and illustrator here at Unicorn Tree Books & Crafts - your local independent and community bookshop.

Oh and we appreciate for some of you this might not be exactly your thing but go on do us a favour and tell someone who might like it!

'The Glass Prison - Jasper Cooper

The Dark Wizard Troubler is close to possessing the powerful Candara Gems and the kingdom seems lost to his evil spell. Amalek and Seph have survived their dangerous journey to acquire magical help from the great Wizard Elzaphan.
However, along with the group of courageous animals, including Joog the owl, they must return to face the evil wizard...'

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