Saturday, November 11, 2017

A few more brilliant new books that have come across the counter at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market for me to read from. @thebiblereadingfellowship ...Michael Mitton's Seasoned by the Seasons is fabulous, divided into the seasons the studies in it are short but deep, Intense and flavourful they are talk to very real situations in our lives, death, despair, failure, love, birth... And highlights, lowlights and celebrations in between. Lovely for an individual, good too for a group. The same for Goldsworthy's Jesus Through The Old Testament - filled with good stuff - easy diagrams, helpful key notes, concise breakdowns and correlations. Keen, insightful, easy to read and understand. Invaluable. Last up Horsfall's Facing Midlife, undated and helpful bible studies for those of us challenged with growing older, and nice and cheap with it ;) Remember your local independent bookshop (like us here at Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market) is the best place to see and buy books.. Full of helpful Information, staff, you get to take the books away then and there... And you contribute to a thriving local community ;) #book #books #bookshop #indiebookshop #christianbookshop #christianbooks #spirituality #faith #review #reviews #buylocal

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