Sunday, November 20, 2016

Current bedtime reading... I've nearly finished the first one, 'Steel Angels' by Magdelen Smith, a book recommended to me on Monday that I started reading on Thursday and which has conditioned quite a lot of thinking, questioning, pausing, and contemplating and will likely be read again... And for some that know me and of some notable experiences in the last year they may well understand why I'm finding the very last chapter and its section heading and subject so... Yeah hmm... amusing, powerful, vocal, keen maybe? "Quality of mind. Creativity:water and wine". So yes only a couple of pages left. And then a lovely book 'illuminating the way' by Christine Valters Paintner that I'm re-reading some chapters of and using the exercises from them as part of my advent journey. #books #book #christianbooks #christianbookshop #spirituality #prayer #advent #bedtimereading #vocation #journeying

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