Friday, July 06, 2007

Tanya Huff - Smoke & Ashes

Ohh read the New Smoke book from Ms Huff, and it is excellent!
Published by Daw books on the 5th June, 0756404150 and selling at £6.99, Smoke and Ashes is fantastic. Tony has really come into his own in this one, oh and hey at the end of the book he finally gets his man!
This time we have a human demongate and a sex demon trying to get through! that being said the one thing you don't find in Tanya Huff books is gratuitous and pornographic sex scenes, in fact they are generally alluded to and pretty much left to your own interactive imagination - in many ways much more satisfying and less disruptive to a great story!
Like I said it is a fantastic read.
The newest fantastic read I am reading (whilst waiting for customers between the horrendous torrential downpours, thunder and lightening and other delights the great British weather is throwing at us this July you understand - after all there is only so much dusting I can do and after all you don't buy a bookshop because you don't want to read the stock!!) is Kelley Armstrong's book, Bitten, 9781841493503, £6.99 by Orbit Books. A great Werewolf book, with strong and believable characters and a really strong storyline that goes on. Small writing and lots of pages, something to really get your paws on and sink your teeth into late into the moonlight nights!
The female protagonist in this is not in any way shape or form wishy washy, nor is she unbelievable. She is in fact a very believable character and forms a great backdrop to the story. The action is reasonably fast paced but with a great degree of finesse for something about werewolves. Excellent read - now if only I could just sit and finish it rather than dust the shelves and serve you customers, and no I am not selling it to any of you and I don't care how sad you look, but a new copy from me and stop trying to crib my copy as a cheap secondhand one!! Its worth the cost new!

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