Friday, July 06, 2007

Great News - Christian Books

Great News - Unicorn Tree Books is now stocking Christian Books!
With the sad demise of Advance Books in Lincoln,(So OK not good news for Tim & Advance!) we have started to sell Christian Books, thus we are trying to honour the spirit of Advance Books by returning Christian Books to the Market in which Advance Books started out over 50 years ago.

Before taking on Unicorn Tree Books, me - unicorntreebooksboss spent 10 years working for a large Christian Book Chain - SPCK Bookshops - and was manager of 3 of their stores in that time, London, Brighton & Lincoln, I was also their e-commerce website manager for 5 years.

Now lets clear this up, no I did not suddenly become agnostic, nor was I thrown out for singing Kumbayah off key, nor did my heart for Christian Books dissipate! I do and have in fact continued to be the Religious and Philosophy Previewer for Publishing News, and I'm also be on the Review Board of as their Marketing thingy and pest! however I did feel the need to move on and into the market and the general book trade.

However when Tim of Advance informed told me he was closing down, and just at the same time as I had just rejigged Unicorn Tree and found a space for more books, (I am sure Unicorn Tree is in fact a re-incarnation of a time lords Tardis - something definitely happens to the time continuum, amazing how long a day can be under the glass house when the sun is shining!- as I just keep moving things around and discovering space that was wasting away and dying for books, airfix models, music, jigsaws, crafts etc to fill it!!) so anyway I felt sure this was the reason and answer as to what to fill that space with, and so it is that we are now carrying a range of Christian Books.

As with all our books we have signed up with the major wholesalers both in the UK & US, and also contacted remainder dealers to ensure a range of excellent product at great prices (most books are at slightly less than the RRP wherever possible!) and as ever we offer ordering services for anything we don't have in stock and for Hard to Find items.

So please support us as we bring Christian Books into the heart of the marketplace!

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Hello from the minions!

I am the voice of the minions also known as the assistant Unicorn Boss. We "the minions" (read also pinky, me and others) have been watching this blog for some time with some serious laughter and no small amount of screaming...but thats another matter!

We just felt that it was time to put forward "our side" of the Brain dictatorship, sorry story!

Ok the accusation that we boxed Brain in with second hand books was inaccurate...we just left them to see if brain would EVER put ONE second hand book away...after we could not see Brain anymore we decieded Brain couldnt, so put them away for Brain...second hand is the minions baby...we ROCK!

BTW when you read WE please insert the minions...Brain has no concept of WE! thats us not Brain!

Now as to Paranormal books please remember I read the books and tell Brain what to order...or I just dont tell Brain and order the best books ever!!! (please see Katie MaCalister, Angela Knight, Mary Janice Davidson and other cool paranormal writers!)

Well ok I and the "Minions" could be here all day but I think you get the message

So we will be back with more "truths" or of course you could log onto the new blog we are setting up at

Anyway this is just the tip of the iceburg...but we are bored and are going to bed...Brain dont pay us enough to stay up late

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