Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ebooks here to stay and we are there too - and in the Lincolnshire Echo!

Lincoln Echo: Saturday, February 26, 2011,

E-books here to stay

A BOOKSELLER from Lincoln is broaching the digital frontier and embracing new "e-books".

Bookshop giants such as Amazon recently reported that sales of downloadable texts have now overtaken paperback books.

And Melanie Carroll, of Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market, says with the new digital books here to stay she's partnering with some of her biggest competition to ensure her customers can continue to support the Lincoln economy.

"E-books won't go away, so we can't ignore them," she said.

"This way people can still contribute to the local economy even if they now have a Kindle or e-reader."

Visit to buy ebooks.

Thanks to the Echo and their fab reporters for picking this up as a news story, in the immortal words of the great T - Every little helps!

also just a quick reminder!
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