Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time Stops for No Man - But Clocks Do!

I'm in the Echo again doing the page 3 thing! who knew I was so photogenic!!
Anyway the clock in the market - rather like the economy - has slowed down to a virtual stop and so the nice people from the echo came back to report on it.
Actually I was on page 3 of the Lincoln Echo twice this week as I was also mentioned in a report about doing away with the penny! fame at last.
So here are the links for those that might be interested:
Markets Antique Clock Stops Working
Charities Threatened by Death of 1p

oh and the wonderful thing about the penny article - the next day a wonderful disabled gentleman came in with a pocketful of copper to dontate - now that is community mindedness and generous giving.

See it proves that together we can do more for more!
Remember here at Unicorn Tree Books as an independent shop we are Working with You and For You!
and with that in mind just to let you know out Church & Community Partnership Scheme is now officially up and running as from today! more on this exciting community initiative later!!

So anyway come by and see us - and feel free to bring an extra coffee with you, latte with a shot of caramel, for when we stand and chat!

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