Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Over lets Confirm we are Here!

Well that's it, been for my Easter camping trip - got rained on, sun shone and then came home again!
So today we cleared off the Easter display and decided to confirm we are here and selling all sorts for everyone - yep that's right we put up a Confirmation and First Holy Communion display instead.
Frames, Cards, Dolls, Rosaries, Holding Crosses and even Scripture Verse Sweeties and lollipops!
It's scintillating and salivating in its awesome display of spring themes and colours.
White Doves fly around the place as Daffodils and wheatsheafs mix with the wine chalice for holy communion - this is of course to remind us of springtime picnics and folksy songs and enjoyable books like wind in the willows!
Honestly it's great and there really is a lot going on, including the stationary needed for the occasion - talking of that the new Church Registers from scm-canterbury are absolutely fantastic, really bright and chearful additions to brighten up humdrum things!
Ok moving on to things other than religious gifts and cards and staionery!
Puzzle books are in and there is an excellent range of handbag size now in ready for holiday season to begin!
Come by and get one soon oh and don't forget that I like my coffee with a shot of caramel!

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