Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Interesting times!

Hey all - who knew my blog was of such potential interest!
I say this because today I have recieved no less than 3 phone calls from people in the publishing and bookselling world asking me if I am ok?
Why would I not be ok I queried - well it would appear that there is a nasty rumour going around that I have been threatened with libel action due to some of my posting in regards to SSG.
I want to state quite clearly and catagorically here that I have not personally been contacted in any way shape or form, by phone, letter, email or posting by anyone representing SSG, ENC or any related bodies or peoples! If I had I would make known this fact and would of course take whatever legal action was necessary in such a situation.
Now it could be that all the people contacting me today are practicing chinese rumours or of course it could be that I have been mentioned in correspondence to other people but not directly contacted, all I do know is that supposedly someone has made statements and potential threats to/or about me or my blog to which I cannot respond as I don't actaully know what they are as they haven't been represented to me directly - however I do know they are doing the rounds within the arena of my business and could therefore potentially have serious import and repurcussion on my good name and ability to trade within the arena of publishing and bookselling!
I would be very grateful if whoever has caused this injury to my name, person and work could kindly cease please.
Now though i do not know exactly what has been said and put in writing directly - though obviously it has been serious enough to warrant concern from at least 3 people within my work sphere - I am assuming based on the references made to me about Dave Walkers blog and his shut down that it must be to do with the SSG situation to which I have made references and posted on - to this end I am practicing discretion to a degree and am editing some of the posts contained here to take out third party references - though i reiterate that currently no-one has contacted me directly to ask me to do this - again when they do I will let you know and will of course take all legal action necessary and as required to safeguard myself and my livelihood.
I am also making a quite clear and catagorical statement here that nothing in this blog in regard to the situations above is untrue, and every word written is proveable by witnesses, written records or directly through first person or party observation.
Also much of what is written here is personal opinion and fair comment based on the truths and statements of fact I know and hold to be true due to first party observation and corroboration of evidences from other effected parties, and/or moral and ethical beliefs.
Also I want to make it clear that any Cease and Desist Notices etc in regards to this blog will be sent directly on to: http://chillingeffects.org/ This is 'A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maine, George Washington School of Law, and Santa Clara University School of Law clinics', for their studies and database compilation.

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