Thursday, July 01, 2021

Ohh gots me new books, and a new lock today :) The books are of course available from Unicorn Tree Books in Lincoln Central Market to order - or you can get them from bookshopdotorg and support us there too and get tjen deliver right to your door! Heres the links right to them for you! - Draw Breath by Tom Granger. Just a fab fun book 9n different drawing/doodling activities that are all about regulating your breathing to move into a mindful and meditative space. Just really lovely for those that might struggle with yoga or just quieting the mind without an action involved! - With Nature in Mind by Andy McGeeney - great for Forest Church activity ideas or those wanting to do outside activities that have a mindful or positive effect to them. - Nature and Therapy by Martin Jordan - good book looking at how nature works positively for us and can be a tool for therapy and healing - includes some exercises and activities too, also a section on how, for instance a spiritual director or life coach, could perhaps move their practice from inside to outside and what they need to practically consider on all levels not least in terms of safeguarding and confidentially. The stickers were from Unicorn Tree Books and are probably going to end up decorating the work diaries as I pretend I have the Bullet Journal artistic chic thing going on - but really I still just like stickers and why should it just be a kid thing 😉 So then finally the lock is not just Sold secure Gold but sold secure Diamond which is the new highest level - also its a long lock so actually fits the bike rather than me having to loop two together - only took me over a year to finally get one! and my fave bit is the key has a little light built in so I can see the keyhole in the dark 😁 (sorry you can't see the actual lock it's on the bike already!). So yeah a good haul :) #booksaremybag #booksbybike #books #BookshopDotOrg

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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Of course with a new job comes new books to read, though some of it actually works well for all the other roles too, so that's my Sunday sorted... Especially given its Church by Nature tomorrow too which will be a zoom of fresh air 😉 But I have survived my first full on 4 day week of CTAL mornings and TL-AF afternoons... A few extra meetings for other stuff involving my Cycling UK trustee role and reopening my shop in there made it more complicated than it will normally be going forwards (needed to add in some evenings for TL-AF work to hit my targets), and then of course today is LSP (as are Friday evenings and a couple of others too).... But all in all I can say I feel happy with how its gone and am looking forwards to next week which has lots of really good meetings for all the roles, and see's Unicorn Tree Books reopen on Thursday with the amazingly capable Eunice in place, and final prepping for the amazing Lincoln Street Pastors to get back out and on the streets too :) Yeah it felt full but not burdensome, complex but not chaotic, but above all it felt fulfilling and there's a lot in that that talks of answering the call. #newjob #transformlincoln #churchestogetherinalllincolnshire #faithcalled #everydayvocation #missionenabler #pioneering #freshexpression #streetpastors #books #christianbookshop #calledbutnotcollared #CTAL #TL-AF #lincoln #lincolnshire

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thursday, November 05, 2020